Cats in the Plaster Room
Durational video installation, Out Here 07, Dartington College of Art 2007

  Location shots and stills from video footage

  view of one of the TV monitors in the installation

Extract from Cats in the Plaster Room, 2007

Three cats were placed in the plaster room at Dartington College of Art for two hours and filmed. The resulting footage was shown on three TV monitors placed around the room.

While the image and composition is intuitive, the camera is deliberately placed on the ground at the start of each "scene" (as are the monitors the work is shown on) and the framed image is dominated by the floors surface. The cats in the videos stay close to the floor due to the unfamiliarity of their surroundings and the anxiety this creates. They sense vibration through the floor better than us and they react physically to sound; the camera experiences the space and it's visual and sonic properties in a similar way.

As the viewer watches one monitor, the cats test the space around them with their mews, heard by the viewer from hidden monitors elsewhere in the space.