Above Pusis Cafe
Stop frame animation. Dot Howard and Bill Leslie, Lithuania 2007

    Frames from 'Above Pusis Cafe'
Below is an audio extract from 'Above Pusis Cafe'


Photographing a red pepper in the space enabled us to explore the visual environment of the abandoned apartments where 'Square Dance', Apartments 2,3,4,5' and 'Shit Screaming' were subsequently made.

These photographs tracked the object as it followed shafts of light and moved from one room to the next. Bill gave the pepper a mouth by biting into it with his own. A proxy for the camera, the pepper is at times gigantic, its open mouth filling the frame, at times tiny and vulnerable within the derelict landscape. The rooms take on the cinematic quality of a haunted house, or a horror movie location through the camera's lens, giving it a visceral relationship with the space. The resulting images follow the pepper at ground level, the frame shifts around, sniffing at the edges of the rooms.

The soundtrack is an unrelenting, resonant pitch; a "scream" created by overlaying the natural sounds of the space on a cheap tape recorder.