Two video works were made during our residency in Norway in May 2008.



Both cameras are mounted at different points on the same (evidently much larger) object, which is painstakingly manoeuvred, step by step, up the same staircase. The uneven progress of the unseen (yet at every moment sensed) object, in all its cumbersome intransigence, is continuously vocalised by the two women, inadvertently providing a acousmatic voice-over to their task.

Two II


This time two cameras are each attached to an unidentifiable object, which revolves agilely on the flat, but becomes cumbersome on the stairs, which they are apparently being 'raced' up and down by two women (teams?) wearing corresponding tights of bright red and blue. The action is riotously physical, characterised by the weight, clatter and squeak of the unseen objects on which the cameras are mounted. The frequent encounters between the camera-objects, and leg-operators are humorously tentative; a second juxtaposition of meticulous choreography and random collision, combined to create a complex, nuanced, audio-visual cacophony.