Photographs by Mariya Ustymenko

Merging sport and art, Hop, Step and Jump is a public intervention by LACE (Live Art Collective East) artists, which aims to be an exciting, memorable and physically engaging event for the general public in the East of England. It is "in progress" - being developed by LACE for an ambitious Live Art project sponsored by Arts Council East.

Hop, Step and Jump draws inspiration from the Roman army who developed hopscotch as part of their training routine. Using participation-encouragement tactics such as live commentary, hi-visibility clothing and tremendous enthusiasm, LACE members ("hopscotch professionals") initiate and facilitate a series of mobile public hopscotch "world-record breaking" events, which include Slow-motion (Moonwalk) Hopscotch, Sonic Relay Hopscotch, and Mass Participation Hopscotch.

Hop, Step and Jump (and variations of it) has happened at: Metal Arts 'Art in the Park', Southend on Sea; 'Chester Up the Wall', Chester; 'The Junction Sampled', Cambridge and is coming to Chelmsford in July 2010.