The work I've made since mid 2009 and the things I am doing this year are partly the result of a period of research, networking and mentoring, made possible by the East of England Escalator scheme:

A funding and support programme offering emerging and mid-career artists time to develop their creative practice and organisational capacity. Artists selected to be part of the scheme undergo a bespoke period of development, which can include opportunities to see work, professional mentoring and access to performance platforms. Escalator aims to raise the profile and long-term potential of artists from the East region.

I moved to the East of England in 2008 and Escalator has assisted me to establish myself as a creative practitioner here. The following projects are related to this process and have occurred/are occurring thanks to the above support. Click on the images for more information:

                     A Declaration of Principals and Intentions


                      As it Was; As It Is

                      Hop, Step and Jump