Photographs by John Boursnell

Longwinded in Five Parts was created with Other/Other/Other members and sonic artists Michael Ridge and Holly Rumble. It evolved from a mutual interest in the sonic properties of balloons and is best described in the following way:

A live art performance in the guise of a classical concert, and an absurd exploration of sound, space and material. Three performers present a mixture of highly choreographed and improvised scenarios, led by a musical score, which is designed to explore five aspects of the musical potential of modeling balloons. Contact microphones are held against the surface of the balloons to pick up vibrations of the air inside.

'Longwinded...' was developed during a weekend of collaborative experimentation in August 2008, then refined for performance at SPILL Festival National Platform (National Theatre Studios, April 2009), and Rub Me Up The Wrong Way 2 (Norwich Arts Centre, July 2009).

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