"What I Say Goes"
Performance at the "Rules and Regs" Networking Event, South Hill Park Arts Centre, 2007

This was a short, audience-participatory, performative presentation on "throwing the voice".

I wore a bag over my head and spoke into a microphone about concealing and revealing and about materiality in performances and the ways in which objects can act as allies for performers. In my work, objects have a key role in the communication of what I call "performance anxiety" (a kind of stage freight experienced by the audience and the performer at once). I talked about (and did some) ventriloquism and addressed the voice as an object disassociated from the body; a tool that can be used in performance as a tangible "entity" unto itself. Paper bags and Dictaphones were used to demonstrate the practicalities of throwing the voice.

The audience were requested to wear paper bags and towards the end, they performed a kind of ritual involving crumpling their bags into balls and throwing them at me.

Look at the book made from these paper bags