Voice Metaphors
Durational performance. Dartington College of Arts, 2006

Photohraphs by Grga

This is a sound recording from the performance:

I speak into a pillow. The pillow is on top, it absorbs the sound I make. I find it hard to breath, I panic a bit. I sit up, the pillow rises with me. I have a pillow-head. I am absurd. I fall into the pillow and it cushions the blow to my face. I eat through it; I eat my words, which it has absorbed. I spit feathers and with them my words are spat out.

The viewer and the performer are surrounded by a number of frenzied penetrations of inanimate objects by an animalistic camera (shown on five TV monitors). The content of the videos express the physicality and "objectness" of the camera - it bumps and jolts and sounds against the surfaces it comes into contact with.

The grouping of the sounds in the space creates a constant manic noise. In one, women sing and scream their way thorough singing lessons. In the others the camera clatters inside a draw and goes in and out of a cat flap and a ceramic vase. The camera explores these space with little premeditated control from the hand that holds it.

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